Why has my order been cancelled?

We are sorry that your order has been cancelled. This is usually due to the merchandise ordered not satisfying our quality control standards or if it is out of stock at the point of fulfilment. Note that if your order is not fulfilled within 6 days we will automatically cancel your order and you will receive email notification.

In addition to this and per our Terms & Conditions, we may choose to not accept or cancel your order at our discretion for any reason without liability to you. Some examples of reasons we may not accept or cancel your order include: 

  • Merchandise ordered is incorrectly priced due to typographical error
  • There is an error in pricing information provided from our suppliers
  • The Payment capture has failed or has been declined
  • Failed online order security check

We will notify you via email if we choose to not accept your order. In the event that an item from your order is unavailable, it will not be substituted and you will not be charged for the item. If you have already paid for your merchandise and your order is cancelled, we will issue a credit to the original payment method at the time of cancellation. 


Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information. 

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