Footwear Care


Handle with care

Gently putting shoes on (and taking shoes off) manually with a shoe horn protects your shoes and prevents the uppers from damage. To correctly put men's shoes on, start by loosening up the lacing, then using a shoe horn to put the shoe on. Footwear should be removed using your hands to take shoes off. Undo and loosen the lacing to protect the shoe and prevent the leather from unnecessarily stretching out.

Allow your shoes to breathe for 15 minutes after removing them.


Shoe Tree

During wear, the inner lining and insole absorb perspiration. Allow shoes to breathe after removal, shoe trees are recommended to store your footwear to allow majority of moisture to evaporate and to help restore shape and smooth the wrinkling that occurs from wearing. Using the shoe trees, smooths possible wrinkles and allows the shoes to retain their original form until the next time they are worn. They also relieve the bases of the shoes, prevents the soles from bending upwards, and preserves the length of the shoes. For best results, use shoe trees made of wood.  


Dust and remove dirt and debris  

Dust off and wipe down with clean flannel shoe cloth after every wear and before storing.


Shoe bags

A shoe bag or cloth cover will prevent any accumulation of dust or dirt, which can cause drying, ensuring that your shoes are dust-free the next time you wear them.



Footwear should avoid being worn in the rain or snow unless specifically designated for that purpose. When footwear gets wet, it can discolor and lose their form.  Avoid storing in direct sunlight and heat for prolonged periods of time since this will cause the leather to discolor and crack.


Professional care

For any deep cleaning, conditioning, polishing please contact your local cobbler.

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