Leather Care

We recommend you avoid exposure to moisture and sunlight. This may have an adverse effect on the color of the leather. Rain, humidity, direct sunlight, oil, grease (hand cream, make-up), alcohol (perfume solvents) and other abrasive product can all cause permanent marks.


We advise sourcing a leather care specialist who uses an environmentally friendly method to protect your garment. We would suggest a professional leather cleaning by such a specialist every 6-12 months.


If you choose, you can apply a weather resistant product to your item, and follow the direction of the manufacturer. John Varvatos is not able to take any responsibility for any discolouration caused by these types of products or treatments. 


Due to the global nature of our business we are not currently able to recommend any leather specialists in particular, or a weather resistant product.


To keep your leather in the best possible condition, store in a dust bag where it will be dry and well ventilated, avoid plastic packaging.


Due to the organic nature of the fabric, color grain variations are to be expected and are a characteristic of natural leathers. Variations in tone, marking and even texture should not be considered imperfections, but unique identifiers of your leather item.


Please take great care when using any beauty products when wearing John Varvatos garments, as discoloration can occur due to the chemicals/bleaching agents in these products.

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